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The Telegraph is reaching version 6 with countless improvements




The telegraph

The Telegraph often brings us new updates and hasn't had much to do with version 6. From now on, the instant messaging service will give us an upgrade on organizes conversations in folders served by various themes, new animated emojis and many other exciting changes

An existing iOS update, and provides improvements to sync the app with the desktop version and a new statistics section for popular app channels.

The Telegraph allows to schedule conversations in folders

Tragram Renewal Program 6

This may allow users to edit the active dialog for possible folders served with changing themes or automated recommendations. In these folders you can save individual conversations, groups or channels. This can be selected from the menu app settings

or accept Telegal compliments, which will be apparent when you see a few active conversations.

As for interviews, Tragram also change the default dialog limit, preferably from now on, set as many as you want to above the standard list.

Finally, Telegram confirms that the two new features will be available in the desktop version with automatic sync.

The Telegraph is expanding its channel statistics

Telegraph stats

With this update the Telegraph has delivered a much-anticipated feature. New the statistics panel Available from Telegraph channel managers will allow you to view detailed access and performance data for posts

The phone uses animated emojis

Emojis Telegraph

In the 6th edition Telegraph has released a new collection animation emojis and many of their stickers are COVID-19 related and are available through the app's emoji panel.

With these updates, the Telegraph provides opportunities for both users of private accounts and channels to make the most of the platform, one of the popular instant messaging services. Ready to test yourself?


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