New  colors for Magsafe iPhone 12 cases

Rumors about the announcement of Apple’s next keynote are more alive than ever. After having none in March, analysts now point to the second or third week of April for the big apple to show up your new products. These products would be the new iPad Pro and the desired AirTags. However, a few hours ago they fled the new colors of the MagSafe cases for iPhone 12. These cases would be linked to the spring 2021 collection and it is likely that they will be presented with the new Apple devices during the possible keynote in April.

New colors possible for MagSafe iPhone 12 cases

The iPhone 12 brought the return of MagSafe technology. This technology has enabled improve the placement of the blanket using the magnets they bring to the back and inside of the device. In addition, the device can detect the case and somehow interact with the operating system itself.

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Currently, the MagSafe cases sold by Apple in seven different colors plus the red from the PRODUCT (RED) collection. According to the latest leak on Chinese social network Weibo, Apple could launches new colors in the spring 2021 collection. These colors are light blue, dark purple, light green and orange. All in the range of pastel colors to resemble the tones we can see in spring.

These colors are probably only available for MagSafe Silicone Sleeves. However, it makes sense that new finishes are coming to the leather case as well. Currently, this MagSafe leather case is available in 5 shades. We’ll see if we finally have a keynote in April and if Apple decides to release these new colors in its range of cases for the iPhone 12.