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These iPhones will no longer be working with Pokémon GO soon



These iPhones will no longer be working with Pokémon GO soon

Pokémon GO has completely changed the world no less than 4 years ago, and the game has won keep millions of players connected during all this time with the most interesting news and endless renewal. As we have always said, this is a great time to play Pokémon GO because it is the most revolutionary game since its launch, including improvements such as playing at home which is very interesting.

Pokémon GO has announced a significant update to its October game, and that will include not only news, but also will stop supporting other older iPhones due to its iOS version and its capabilities. To play Pokémon GO you need the latest version released, so when this update arrives, these iPhone users will not be able to play again.

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The iPhone will no longer work with Pokémon GO

It is a law of life, old devices are no longer compatible with new apps and new updatesEven WhatsApp is no longer compatible with most iPhone models. Now it's time for Pokémon GO, as the game has announced its profiles on social networks.

As you can see, IOS 10 and iOS 11 apps will no longer work with Pokémon GO from the next update, and Android 5. This means that iPhone users using these apps will not be able to play Pokémon GO. But there is more, though you can install iOS 12 on your iPhone, i The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will also not be supported with a new update. This may be due to the unprecedented development of unpopular taxpayers that we are testing with Pokémon GO and it seems that these devices may not work properly.

It is not clear when this update will be released or stopped, but if you have an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 10 or iOS 11, you should update to iOS 13 or 14 your device so you can play Pokémon GO. And if you have an iPhone 6 or higher, you will not be able to continue playing the popular game.

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