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Although unusual, WhatsApp can suspend your account for a variety of reasons we have already described at the time, among them the spread of chains and hoaxes, the use of illegal apps, or the fact that many people have decided to block it, for whatever reason.

However, What do I need to do to get a default account? Although not always possible, in some cases it may be possible to reset the default WhatsApp account, either because the suspension period has expired, or because the reasons why WillApp decided to suspend it are unclear. Whatever the reason, WhatsApp itself provides help to try to restore established accounts.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app

So you can try to get your WhatsApp account set up

With a descriptive video published on his official YouTube channel, WhatsApp outlines the reasons why the account may be suspended, and how the platform itself recommends using the messaging service. Suggestions include i WhatsApp downloads from official sources, and users are invited to avoid share unwanted promotional messages, or add unsolicited people to groups.

According to the company, practices like these are just some of the ways in which they can lead suspension of accounts not using the platform properly.

How do I know if my account is suspended?

Now If you have problems using WhatsApp you should not say that your account has been suspended. There are many reasons why WhatsApp may not work as expected, such as connection problems, server crashes, or other reasons.

So before proceeding with ask WhatsApp to find an account, it's worth making sure if it's really fixed. According to WhatsApp, users of the accounts have been set up they will not be able to access the app and will see a message indicating that access to the account has been blocked. If this is not the case, chances are that problems are caused by another cause.

Contact WhatsApp to try to recover your account

If you are sure your account is set up, WhatsApp offers the possibility contact your support service trying to find a solution. Although we've already warned you that, most, the suspension of accounts is usually due to good reasons

, and it is not always possible to get a blocked account.

It can be as it may be, because contact WhatsApp and try to get the account set up, it is necessary to access the app and enter the account number released during the setup process. When a notification appears that the account has been suspended, you should touch the "Support" button to access the contact form, where you must submit a request for review.

Finally, remember that, in some cases, suspension of accounts is temporary -It is especially important in those cases where this suspension is due to the use of illegal apps-, and as such it will not be necessary to perform this procedure; Soon you will regain access to your account.

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