As you well know, guys at iFixit tend to get into the habit of weighing all the final corners each new product introduced in the company of Cupertino market. This is especially important when we find the system changes and especially impressive as the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, the over-the-keyboard makes it literally floating on our iPad and gives you the feeling more than ever the name "Magic" that leads the product. iFixit is now under the new X-ray Apple Magic Trackpad and the result is impressive when engineering becomes art.

Basically we can see what the magistrate, the magistrate, and that is that everything always is in terms of the levels of the company and especially the iPad to fly because of the absence of any other type of crimes. This is what analysts have said for Foxit:

Never mind that this is something we think and support for the current iPad Pro.

The trackpad completely reorganized in order to provide a good experience, far from that provided by Apple Trackpad with Force Touch but at least maintains the context of the ability to suppress or anywhere. The fact is that it has a variety of portable buttons that are able to work unlike most other trackpads that include only two buttons.

However, when more invisible engineering (part of the magic draws) in that special door comes float. In the same way, iFixit specifically mention the location of the magnets, and techniques dedicated to making an iPad stand firmly and blend in this case without the need to use any kind of strengthening of the physical, as Apple knows a bit about the magistrate.