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With this app you can know if someone has tried to unlock your phone and take a picture



With this app you can know if someone has tried to unlock your phone and take a picture

We'll show you an attractive program that allows us to you know when someone turned on or tried to unlock our mobile phone without us you notice. There are currently applications that allow you to track your phone in case it is stolen, but if someone has just tried to unlock it, it's good to know.

The app is completely free, never runs out of battery power and in our tests works well. So let us tell you what you are offering and how you can use it you know when someone tried to gossip about your phone.

WTMP, an application for wanting to be able to control the opening of a mobile phone

This app, which you can download from Google Play Store, keep a detailed record of attempts to unlock calls. It shows us whether the phone was turned on or not and when they started. In this way we can know exactly when an attempt is made to unlock the phone. However, the thing does not stop here, since we don't even know who tried to unlock the phone


An application, in addition to counting blocking attempts, may display an image in which the PIN or password was incorrectly entered

How do you know if your Android phone is being tested

An app, as long as we give it permission, can take a picture if the password or PIN is entered incorrectly. This way you can take a picture of the person trying to unlock the phone, so we know who is trying to get into our phone.

In short, a simple application that works very well. As for the use of power, it does not matter, because it simply records the attempts to open it. In the event that we test it and enter incorrect code, every time you take a photo it will drain a certain battery, as expected.

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