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Word and PowerPoint have been updated and you can now work with two documents at the same time on the iPad




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Microsoft Office is one of the most important applications that everyone should have installed on their iPad. Thanks to Word or PowerPoint Your iPad is like a regular computer and the latest Microsoft office related issues are revealing important issues.

Last week we announced that Office apps are coming soon, one of which is to keep up with the trackpad and mouse, one of the newest features of iPadOS that will greatly enhance the use of this kind of apps. Now both Word and PowerPoint have been updated with one of the most important tasks we've been waiting for: just support Split View split functionality for multiple tabs.

Optimize your product with the latest version of Word and Office

The iPad has many different operating systems and apps at the same time, something that can make us more productive. We have two things we can work on to integrate more with the iPad: View Split and Slide Over. The first of them allows us to have it two apps simultaneously on the screen, or, for example, two windows of the same app

. Slide Over allows us to have floating apps reach faster.

Have you been two open Word or PowerPoint Point documents at the same time It is one of the most anticipated tasks that will allow us to replicate our product. Not only can we interact with two at the same time, these are "connected" so that, for example, we can move an image from one document to another quickly and easily.

2-word separation

To open two Word or Power Point documents on your iPad, you must open Split View with the same app. To do this, open the app, Word or Power Point, on the iPad, and swipe up from the bottom to bring up the booth. Now find the Word or Power Point again in the box and drag the icons to the screen, right or left of the open window. Now you will two documents are opened at the same time

and you can work on them at the same time.

Deliciously well received by everyone who uses their iPad to work with that it brings us a little closer to the knowledge of computer with Word and Power Point. However, Excel does not currently support this function, you can work with Excel and another application at the same time, but you cannot have two Excel documents opened in two windows, hopefully it will be included soon for future updates. .

It really is an update that you should download immediately, especially if you often work with this kind of app. In addition, working with Split View is very free because it allows us to change the size of open windows very quickly, and the interaction between both windows is simply magical. Now Word and PowerPoint Point add to the cart of this new item coming a few months ago and hopefully the support of the traditional trackpad won't be long in the future.


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