It happens to all of us. Long conversations especially in work emails when different people intervene, they crawl and eventually it never ends. Those of us who work with Microsoft Outlook on Mac know that we have the option to ignore such conversations.

Now Microsoft has done it with its email client IOS and IPOS. The new function that will come to us comes from pearls when we use Outlook on the iPhone or iPad.

The popular email manager Microsoft Outlook for iPad and iPhone now makes it easy to set up a large fill of your inbox with huge strings of multiple response emails especially if large numbers of people intervene. Function "Ignore the conversation”Is the new working feature added to the new version 4.36.0.

This function has been active in desktop version and web application A momentary look. However, this is the first time that "Ignore Chat" is available for iPhone and iPad.

To use it, select a chat or email on the phone you want to mute. Then press the "Ignore the discussion ” and you won't see any more great messages.

Emails can be ignored finish. If a new ignored email message reaches the inbox, it will automatically move to the Deleted Items folder. This is important and should keep you in mind.

So if you think you missed the important message you need to refer to, please take a look the email inbox has been deleted. If you've muted a hat before looking at it, then you have less trouble.

Microsoft Outlook is available for download from the App Store for free. Both are available macOS, iOS and IPOS. Require iOS 12,0 or later to install it on your device.