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12 Pokémon that could exist in the same image



12 Pokémon that could exist in the same image

An artist known as Varmintz (via Reddit) has designed a curious drawing in which he shows us the beta concept of a series of Pokémon that did not make it to video games.

In the image, specifically, we see 12 Pokémon creatures most disparate. Some of them are nothing more than a different version of the Pokémon that finally appeared in video games and in anime.

The first versions of 12 Pokémon creatures in their beta phase

In the image, from what we can guess, a very different version of Omastar is clearly seen. Maybe it could be an intermediate evolution between Omanyte and Omastar, who knows. The thing is, these Pokémon concepts could really exist, as some images of them were recently leaked.

Beautiful Sugimori Art of Beta Pokemon by Varmintz from r/fakemon

Some of the creatures we see in the images, like that strange light green misshapen ball, made their way to others. On this occasion, that ball left its place for Wobbuffet. The two creatures in the upper left corner are Wolfman and Warwolf, two Pokémon that were discarded for the second generation. And the last creature (lower right corner) appears to be an evolution or a pre-evolution of Wooper.

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