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A confining speedrun wins the new world record in 100%




If the legendary Ocarina of Time will undoubtedly remain for a long time the most speedrunn title of all time, so much so that it multiplies the categories as Trazom multiplies the loaves, we should not too quickly forget the other pearl of the Nintendo 64 so dear your servant: the psychic Majora's Mask.

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And what better episode in the Zelda saga to try to beat a record on a symbolic spring day in its figures? The runner popesquidward

did not find the answer, and it was therefore a direct result of Ocarina of Time that he attacked, in the time-consuming category of 100%, which requires, as its name suggests, to recover the whole game items, including Omni Link mask.

The very free structure of Majora's Mask gives us a fairly original run, and especially very horny

, since you have to master perfection in goron displacements in addition to applying the letter to the strategy and the optimal route throughout these four and a half hours of stream. Popesquidward will repeat it many times as it progresses, noting that it seems set to make a more than honorable score: everything will depend on the RNG of Damp (Igor in the French version).

Despite some fears and hesitations (3:09:00), the sequence in question (3:31:00) which requires a quasi-surgical precision is going well, and it's a cat on fire and a shirtless streamer who stops the time 4:24:12, and thus wins the new world record for the discipline. Thanks containment. Obviously never sated, popesquidsward now announces his intention to win the same record in the speedrun 100% Ocarina of Time, and that is all the bad we wish him.


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