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a mother spends 2 years embroidering the entire First Generation




It seems that in Pokémon what embroidering is not a coincidence, because creatures of the saga could be made with the help of a sewing machine operated via Game Boy Color or there are companies like Adidas They offer original Pokemon footwear with Pikachus embroidered to perfection. But maybe we I have been much more surprised by the ability of this mother, since he has spent two years embroidering the entire First Generation Pokémon and the result is Awesome.

Below you can see all the work of this mother, shared by gjunior12 on Reddit

and that translates into a kind of mat or scarf with a yellow background and with all perfectly embroidered Kanto Pokémon. More than 140,000 stitches have been needed to achieve this fantastic result.

My mother has spent the past two years making this cross-stitch pattern. 147,000 stitches in total! desde Pokemon

No more than look at the level of detail to realize that this mother knows what she embroiders and embroiders what she does.

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