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ADAC is angry: Raser has not heard the sound of corona discharge




Illegal racing

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Most people don't enter the house without good reason. This ensures less traffic on the street. Unfortunately, this fact has attracted the arrival of racing drivers. ADAC is now complaining and warning: our rescuers have enough work to do.

ADAC complained that it wasn't just open roads currently attracting racers.

ADAC complained that it wasn't just open roads currently attracting racers. [Source: grigvovan /]

You just need to look out the window to see that there is currently almost no activity on the roads in Germany. Good thing-after all, Corona is currently at home. There is a lot of work in the home office, which also sign ificantly reduces peak hours. Unfortunately, during these special times, not only criminals want to use phishing and other means to take money out of your pocket with a corona excuse. Obviously, some drivers do not know much about how to deal with "free time" now.

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Gerhard Hillebrand, president of ADAC Transportation, told Funke Media Group's newspaper:

"Obviously, quiet traffic conditions are sometimes used wildly, which is unacceptable and must not be understood. I can only appeal to the people not to cause unnecessary danger. Our emergency services are busy."
Gerhard Hillebrand, ADAC Transportation President, told Funke Medien Gruppe

As Spiegel reports, there have recently been illegal race cars that must be disbanded by police. But the car club also has good news. As a result, quiet time on highways is also currently used to renovate and repair highways. Currently, 582 construction sites are under construction.


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