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After iPhone 12: This is what the compact iPhone 13 looks like with a big screen



iPhone 12 may be only a few months away. Many details have been leaked. The prospects for 2021 are really exciting, and now a model shows for the first time the charm of a 5.5-inch iPhone 13 without a notch.

The iPhone 13 without the notch may look like this. The display diagonal increased from 5.4 inches to 5.5 inches. The front consists only of the display.

With USB-C connection

The iPhone 13 without the notch can look like this. The screen diagonal increased from 5.4 inches to 5.5 inches. The front consists of the screen only. (Source: Screenshot from Mac Otakara/YouTube)

If you like, the league's extraordinary partnership has raised expectations for Apple's next keynote address in the fall of 2020. Because about the iPhone 12 generation, it consists of four models, so you've learned everything you need to know. Here's the latest pricing and technical information on the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Not only we, but more and more media are saying that especially the entry-level models of the iPhone 12 series will be very popular. Apple has launched a new beautifully compact 5.4-inch screen, which may also appeal to disappointed iPhone SE customers.

The Japanese magazine Mac Otakara is now working on 2021 and is using so-called models (virtual models) to demonstrate the appearance of the 5.5-inch iPhone 13

. The dummy was created based on internal resources and can be understood as a direct successor to the basic version of the iPhone 12. According to the blog, this is one of the prototypes Apple is currently developing.

The first iPhone with a USB-C port

The external dimensions remain unchanged. However, what remains is the hole at the top, the so-called hollow. Mac Otakara assumes that Apple will use Samsung technology to move the technology (including the camera) needed for Face ID underneath the screen.

iPhone 12 renderings (basic model)

The thin edges of the screen are also obvious. Take a look below to see the USB-C port. There are different rumors here. Some people contradict the prototype, and assume that Apple will skip the USB Type C, and since the iPhone 13 will not use a physical interface at all. The iPhone 12 will probably still have the familiar Lightning interface.

Therefore, the basic version of iPhone 13 can be described as follows:

  • 5.5-inch display with narrow screen edges
  • No gaps
  • Front camera below the display
  • A15-Soc
  • There are four cameras on the back
  • USB Type-C connector

It is unclear whether this will happen. Apple usually tests several variants of the new-generation iPhone under actual conditions, improves it, and lets developers’ feedback flow to the new version. At present, even prototypes in active service may be at an early stage. On the other hand, Apple is working hard to reduce the size of the gap is certain.

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