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Android 11: Google shows innovation in the Go version



Android 11: Google shows innovation in the Go version

Google now also launched Android 11 Go. The new Android for cheap phones has many new features.

Android 11: These are innovations

After Android 11, Google now also launched Android 11 Go. Android Go is Google's smartphone operating system, and its hardware is not enough to support a “regular” operating system. According to Google, starting next month, it will be used on new entry-level devices with 2 GB of RAM. So far, Android Go only requires 1 GB of RAM.

Since devices with Android Go must now have at least 2 GB of RAM installed, the application launch speed should be increased by 20%. In addition, Google has also integrated some of the innovations of Android 11 in Android 11 Go.

New features of notifications

Like their brother, the chat history is displayed in a separate area in the notification bar. It doesn't matter which Messenger application you use. You can easily reply to received messages.

The privacy zone has also been improved. You can provide a one-time authorization for the application. Only grant access to the camera, location or microphone when the application is open. If the program is closed, the authorization is revoked and must be reassigned the next time the program is started.

Automatically reset authorization

Android 11 Go will automatically reset permissions for apps you haven’t used in a long time.

With improved gestures, you can easily switch back and forth between apps and move forward.

Secure folder

You can easily save files in a “safe folder” on Android 11 Go. To open it, you must enter your four-digit code.

Our Android update schedule will tell you which phones can use Android 11.

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