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Apex Legends season 5 will start today with the addition of Loba and the Missions mode among its novelties




Apex Legends will propose us to jump into action once again on the occasion of the arrival of Favor and fortune, the name to which your Season 5 It will start today on PS4, Xbox One and PC with a series of very important news.

How we already anticipated a few days ago, one of the main ones is that players will be able to choose Loba as one of the new characters. After the murder of his parents at the hands of Revenant, her thirst for blood and revenge has boosted her abilities to make her the most dangerous thief in the Wild Lands.

The new trailer published by Respawn Entertainment is dedicated entirely to Loba in case you want to see what she is capable of in an overview of his special abilities. Between them they will have the ability to teleport or have greater ease when looking for loot in the area.

The Missions mode It is another of the new additions this season. For the next nine weeks, players will be looking for treasure and glory while uncovering some additional details in the game's history. At the same time, the map has undergone a series of changes that have affected places like Villa Calavera, so you have one more reason to explore the stage in depth.

And finally, how could it be otherwise, Season 5 is also accompanied by your own battle pass. Those who decide to purchase it can unlock up to a hundred exclusive items that will grant them new designs, Apex packs and other items to motivate players to join the battles without stopping.


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