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Best cheap gaming monitors with low response time



Best cheap gaming monitors with low response time

Although there is a lot of talk about 4K UHD resolution the truth is that PC users mostly play on a 1080p monitor based on data from the Steam Survey. Moving in-game in 4K, 60fps, and high or ultra graphics settings requires quite powerful equipment, and this translates into a big payout. Luckily, to this day many gaming-focused 1080p monitors continue to come out.

The good thing about gaming monitors with Full HD resolution is the price, They are very cheap. For a small fee you can find monitors with a fairly low response time and very high refresh rate. These monitors are perfect for eSports and any game where it is recommended to play many frames per second. Next, you have four models that fall into the gaming category for their characteristics.

BenQ GL2780

Although this monitor does not have a very high refresh rate, 75 Hz, it stands out for offering a response time of 1 ms. Also, includes speakers and a smart brightness sensor. In terms of connectors, it is well served: x1 HDMI, x1 DisplayPort, x1 DVI and x1 VGA.


AOC usually has enough cheap gaming monitors, the AOC 27G2U5 / BK would be one of them. It has been designed with eSports in mind

Hence, it has a response time of 1 ms. This monitor has a base height adjustable and frameless design. The refresh rate is somewhat higher than what you can find on a standard monitor, going from 60 to 75 Hz.


The AOC C24G1 monitor are bigger words, it is not designed for all types of players. If you play competitive games long hours a day then this monitor bears your name. Have a VA curved panel with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. It can be adjusted in height and the frames are very thin to avoid distractions.

Ozone DSP24 PRO

Ozone DSP24 PRO does not have the best panel if you are looking for good viewing angles, do not expect the best color rendering or to integrate speakers. It is a monitor that stands out in the most important, a very low response time and a very high refresh rate.

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