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Bethesda's "next-gen game" official website is being (timidly) updated




Is Bethesda playing with the nerves of the end players? While the great manitou of communication at the publisher of Rockville made us understand yesterday that nothing would be done around the very camilleque The Elder Scrolls VI before the fate of the mysterious Starfield is settled, voila that it seems to move. . a toe.

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Big announcement at the pr-E3 2018 conference, Bethesda's space adventure, Father Howard promised us that this new license would help define the next-gen, and the genre of solo RPG as long as done.

Two years later, nothing has filtered out, not even the platform on which this pop of a new genre will come out … until today, since the official site

de Starfield has just been enriched with two small icons that can still be worth their weight in peanuts: those of the PEGI and ESRB standards. If the Americans have not yet delivered a preliminary verdict, the Europeans automatically opt for a 18+.

This information undoubtedly does not land by chance, and therefore testifies to a certain advancement in the development that we imagine to be incredible, spatial infinity obliges. The fact remains that at least one tangible element will have enabled the PEGI standard to position itself, which should temporarily make modern explorers happy, obviously hoping that Bethesda will not make us hang around too long to find out what it is all about.

And behind, direction The Elder Scrolls VI, Yes Yes.


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