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"Beyond Two Souls" is listed on Steam, which marks the end of epic exclusivity




A list of "Beyond Two Souls" has recently popped up on the Steam database, which indicates that its Epic Games Store exclusive agreement may be terminated.

The Steam list was originally pointed out on Twitter. You can view the following tweets.

Through the link embedded in the tweet, you can enter SteamDB and display the following message:

"This application has been deleted or hidden from the public. SteamDB has seen the application's data before, so for historical purposes, this data has been visible on this page and may be outdated."

However, the history of the page highlights a series of recent updates primarily related to assets, which indicate that Steam may be released in the future.

To illustrate this point, last year, the epic game store launched a series of Quantic Dream games as a limited-time special product, each game is tied to its own one-year exclusive window. It wasn't until July 27, 2019 that "Beyond Two Souls" was launched on the Epic Games Store, which means that its scheduled exclusive transaction expires in more than two months. In fact, "Rainstorm" released before "Beyond Two Souls" should still be exclusive to Epic Games Store at least until June 24.

Beyond two souls

Despite these exclusive agreements, David Cage issued a statement late last year confirming that all future Quantum Dream games will be multi-platform when they are released.

Cage said: "Quantic Dream is no longer unique to any platform." "So, yes, unless there is a certain exclusive transaction item by item, all our games will be released on all platforms at the time of release. Posted. "

The last of Quantic Dream's limited-time special merchandise launched in the Epic Games store is "Detroit: Become Human", which was launched on PC on December 12. This will be the last exclusive agreement between Quantic Dream and Epic Games because the contract will be extended for another seven months.

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