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build the Sacred Temple of Kami in No Man’s Sky




It is not the first time that recreate the Dragon Ball universe in non-franchise games, like this Goku boy made in Dreams, the PS4 game, and this almost exact copy of the Kame House or Casa Kame in Minecraft. Today, a Dragon Ball fan has resorted to the immense possibilities to build that No Man’s Sky offers and has chosen to reproduce the Sacred Temple of Kami.

Below you can see what he has achieved KaizenZenkai on Reddit impressing everything with the complicated construction erected in the game

from Hello Games. It will certainly have taken a good amount of time raise this massive templeAlthough you probably already have so much practice that it only took a few hours.

Kami’s Lookout (Built in No Man’s Sky)

desde dbz

Be that as it may, it is not easy to create something like that within a game, not only have good spatial vision, but you must be able to review all the materials and available forms of them to to be able to create something that looks like the original building. How about?

Cover image I Diegoforfun on DeviantArt

BOOK IT FROM € 54.90 (€ 69.99)


BOOK IT FOR € 54.90 (€ 69.99)


▪ Release date: 08/10/2016


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