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Building game gets a surprising successor




We would not have expected that soon. The developers behind the builders' tip Egypt have announced a successor, or rather an offshoot. Accordingly, Builders of Greece will appear in 2021, so it goes to ancient Greece. The game even has a first teaser and a steam page with some screenshots, which you can also look at right here:

Builders of Greece – view screenshots

A surprising announcement?

The announcement is so surprising in the first place, since Builders of Egypt hasn't really appeared yet. So far, there is only a simple demo version on Steam, in which you can play through the first chapter of the campaign.

The full release of Builders of Egypt was originally scheduled for 2020 – but has since been corrected for the first quarter of 2021. So it will take a while before Builders of Egypt is finished. At the same time, apparently, builders of Greece are already being worked on.

The Builders of Egypt developer studio actually consists mainly of only one person, the Polish developer Jacek Turek. Apparently, he works for Builders of Greece with the Studio Creative Forge Games, which is also based in Poland.

Builders of Egypt - New build hope for fans of Pharaoh, Caesar and Zeus


Builders of Egypt – New build hope for fans of Pharaoh, Caesar and Zeus

What a game Builders of Greece will be

It is very strong to assume that Builders of Greece largely relies on the same game mechanics as Builders of Egypt. So it will be a building game that is in the spirit of the classics of Impressions Games. So the studio that was responsible for building games like Pharao and Zeus in the late 90s and early 2000s. Builders of Egypt already looks very promising and is well received on Steam:

Builders of Egypt - Why thousands of construction fans celebrate the free demo


more on the subject

Builders of Egypt – Why thousands of construction fans celebrate the free demo

Builders of Greece should continue this (preliminary) success and as impressions with Zeus already showed, the next stop for this is ancient Greece. Go from the product description of Builders of Greece the following content emerged:

  • We take care of building the politics and economy of a city in ancient Greece.
  • We have to plan the infrastructure and set up efficient goods chains.
  • There will be both a campaign and a competitive mode.
  • Trade will also play a major role in Builders of Greece.
  • The heart of Builders of Greece will be the construction of epoch-making buildings, for example we will build impressive temples in honor of the Greek pantheon.

At that time, Impressions Games enriched the urban planning principle with a load of mythological gods and Greek heroes. Builders of Greece will probably neglect this somewhat supernatural aspect and itself rely more on historical facts.


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