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Buy cheaper games VPN

Buy Your Games Cheaper Using a VPN

We review the best VPNs to play and things to consider when choosing a good VPN for both playing and hosting online games.
Plus, by connecting to other regions, you can get discounted VPN games.
We use 2 VPNs and they're great so far. With one we play on a Fortnite server in another region. The other VPN we use on a WOW server.
Do you want a good VPN to play Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Minecraft, Overwatch or other online multiplayer games?

In this link we indicate a good compilation with the 5 best ones.

We, personally, by opinions read in forums and social networks made the decision to use NordVPN (Review) and IvacyVPN (we also use Torrent and were recommended for that use).

Online players always look for the fastest possible connection to the game server, that's where the VPNs come in. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It serves to encrypt all traffic on your computer and redirect it through an intermediate server located at a location of your choice.

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Encryption and redirection processes often slow down connections and increase delays. But going a little further, a VPN can have several uses for players. These are the advantages they offer:

  • Access to location-restricted games otherwise inaccessible from your home country. Is your favorite game available only to South Korea or Japan? No problem! Just connect to a VPN server in those countries and brush up on your language skills.
  • Skip IP blocking. Has your IP been unfairly blocked in a game you love? A VPN will change your IP address, so you can get back into the action.
  • Access to Steam and other platforms when you're on the go. Steam and other platforms may not accept your payments if your IP address does not match the country you have listed in your profile. A VPN can help you solve that.
  • Protection from Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. If you are a professional player and your opponent's team is playing dirty by harassing your IP with DDoS attacks, many VPNs will be able to protect you against them.
  • Protection against hackers and snoops. It can be a security risk to be connected to a game for a long time. Encryption and IP concealment offered by VPNs will help keep you safe.
  • Play games that have not yet been released in your country. If you live in Europe and want to get your hands on a game released only in the United States, a VPN can allow you to get your hands on it sooner. Make sure you're not in violation of any terms of use for the service, though.
  • Access game servers in other regions. If you have a friend who lives in another country and you can't play with him because the servers are assigned by region, a VPN may allow you to play together.
  • Some VPNs claim to even be able to reduce ping and delay, but we recommend that you do not take this claim too seriously. There will be times when the VPN will give you access to a game server that is working better or even able to find a faster route between you and the server. But in the vast majority of cases the latency will increase because of the process of encryption and redirection through an extra server.

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In any case, we have prepared this selection of the best VPNs for players to help you choose the best one for that purpose. We have chosen them based on these criteria:

Number and location of servers. You'll have access to more games with less latency if you have a large number of servers around the world from which to choose.
NAT firewall and DDoS protection. Help protect you from hackers and denial of service attacks.

Speed and reliability. The usual requirements for good bandwidth and stable connections will go a long way to keeping you in the game and allowing you to play competitively.
Dedicated game servers. Some VPNs offer specially optimized servers for gamers.
Tier 1 Network. A Tier 1 network means that the VPN servers are connected to the fastest available network. Your provider won't settle for a mediocre Internet service provider that buys bandwidth from a larger company and then resells it. In essence, a VPN that only uses Tier 1 networks is connected directly to the so-called Internet backbone.

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