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Call of Duty Warzone, season 5: Pandemonium mission at the port, our guide



Call of Duty Warzone, season 5: Pandemonium mission at the port, our guide

Let's continue our tour of the Call of Duty: Warzone season 5 missions by taking a closer look at the port of Verdansk. Indeed, it is precisely in this part of the map that the mission “Pandemonium at the port” will take us.

There are a total of 23 missions for this season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone, but it is not possible to activate several at the same time, so you will have to choose the one you want to prioritize. Each mission contains 6 to 10 objectives to achieve.

  • Take a contract at the port of Verdansk

The first step of this Warzone mission will be to get to the port of Verdansk. This one can be found in the southeastern part of the map. Once there, take a contract to be able to earn a double experience token.

  • Do 14 kills with a submachine gun

For this second objective, you will have to do 14 kills with a machine gun. To do this, we recommend small spaces where this weapon shines through its efficiency. By achieving this goal, you will earn the “Beetle Robot” emblem.

  • Get 8 kills with a proximity mine

This time, it is not with a weapon that you will have to do kills but explosives. To do this, place your mines in strategic places and kill at least 8 enemies with them. You will then unlock the “Red to Blood” business card.

  • Take a contract at Verdansk station

After you have tested the sea transport, it is time to take an interest in rail transport by heading to Verdansk station which is located in the southwestern part of the map. Once there, take out a contract to unlock the “Anytime” business card.

As you are used to, it is now time for the traditional challenge asking you to complete 3 contracts. You can take any and especially take them anywhere. once the objective is validated, you will earn the emblem “Army of ants.

  • Resuscitate a teammate 5 times

For this objective, you will have to prove that you are able to be a model teammate by picking up a teammate who has fallen to the ground 5 times. Once this is done, you will win the ‘Team' business card.

  • Rank 1 time in the Top 15 as a team

Finally, to complete this mission, we will also have the right to the great classic which asks you to place yourself in the Top 15 as a team. Once you get there, you will unlock the “Low altitude” business card.

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