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Can the Mafia 1 remake win at all?




Mafia 1 will return in 2020 with completely new graphics. But what else is being revised? Mafia 1 will return in 2020 with completely new graphics. But what else is being revised?

We look back on a tight week. The remake of Mafia 1 was leaked out of nowhere and should br ing tears to the eyes of many fans with its impressive screenshots. But there is a lot to talk about! Because you don't even just reissue a masterpiece. Of which can the Ecce Homo fresco

sing a song. And Mafia 1 is a complicated matter.

For example, should the cars in the remake be as bulky as they used to be? Many fans criticized the wooden steering, others just love driving: Because Lost Heaven just felt like an authentic world – and not like a leisure park of the GTA brand. Which modern trends should a new Mafia 1 bow to? Open world activities? Story changes?

The biggest gangsters of the GameStar editorial team discuss this in the podcast – and illuminate the pros and cons of a remake from all possible perspectives. Of course, your opinion is also asked! What would you wish for? Wr ite it in the comments, make us your offers that nobody can refuse.

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