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Capcom updates its top sales, Resident Evil 7 soon boss of the series



A quarter in color is always synonymous with an update from the editors. Capcom, so regularized the classification of its million-sellers and there is a noticeable progression.

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Not at the first place level. Having still won over 600,000 followers, Monster Hunter World seems to be wearing the crown for a while. But behind, there is a brawling bunch and a hatch that is emerging. Even two, and even three if we take into account the Iceborne extension of the fantasy hunting game.

But let's take a look at the TOP 10 Capcom Platinum titles:

  1. Monster Hunter World: 15.7 million
  2. Resident Evil 5: 7.6 million
  3. Resident Evil 6: 7.5 million
  4. Resident Evil 7: 7.5 million
  5. Resident Evil 2 (remake): 6.6 million
  6. Street Fighter II: 6.3 million
  7. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: 5.2 million
  8. Resident Evil 2: 4.96 million
  9. Monster Hunter Freedom 3: 4.9 million
  10. Street Fighter V: 4.5 million

The last original and numbered episode of the Osaka firm's survival horror series is only a few tens of thousands of copies to become the best-selling of the whole series. This is not an insignificant thing and reveals definitively that the formula has, if not convinced, at least attracted. The rise of the Resident Evil 2 remake also has the potential to go higher, since they are close to 800,000 players having cracked in the first weeks of 2020.

also note, in recent games of the editor, that, a year later, Devil May Cry 5 is in 17th place with 3.5 million. And that, the classification having been established on March 31, Resident Evil 3 new version, released on April 3 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, is not yet able to integrate. We are meeting in three months.

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