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Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four is now available on Steam Early Access – Trailer



Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four is now available on Steam Early Access – Trailer

You will play some dark magic, and the doomsday riders and their dark aids become loose in the game world. Heart Fission: Four Fragments Mix trading cards with RPG elements and Roguelike.

Our preview clarified whether this mixture has already brought fun in the early visit.

We collect experience and maps

Once in the game, we will control the clumsy magician and experience the first battle. The system is taught to us casually, and we can get the first trading card. In total, more than 200 cards from five different factions are provided.

We travel to different biomes with our matched opponents.

In addition, there are more than 40 kinds of equipment that can be placed on the magician. In the best case, we will look for fixed items here and combine different rewards with our cards. Just like in the classic RPG, there are armors (head, torso, and Siamese), as well as slots for rings and magic wands.

Starting from the tavern

Between two trips, we travel Angina pectoris Always our bar. Valuable bartenders always give us orders. During our personal journey to the surrounding area, we must find special items hidden somewhere in the level.

Here, we see the battle screen.

We also found a crazy goblin in the basement of the bar. We can exchange random cards with him every time we visit. He always asks for two pieces and offers another option. Most transactions are nonsense, but if we are lucky, we can make a good exchange.

Combination brings power

This annoying Obermacker always follows us at the end of a certain level.

At each level Angina pectoris Our goal is to kill all opponents and reach the exit. The reward for this effort is a new trading card, usually a large supply of magic crystals, and then new loot will appear from time to time. If all opponents have passed through the virtual Jordan, then a huge and most important powerful opponent will be activated.

It's time to hold your legs and reach the exit in time. We should only face him after a few hours of competition. At first we had no chance. If we face virtual death, we must restart the game. The levels are randomly grouped together to ensure diversity.

Many cards can also be combined. For example, if we find “G bullet shooter” on card level 1, we can upgrade him with the second card, and at character level 2, we now get “G wolf predator”. However, for many cards, this is not the end. Now, if we combine two secondary cards together, we will get the final expansion level of the unit.

Here we see our inventory and boxes.

But please note that this will increase the cost of the game, so we should always make sure to maintain a balanced mix in the deck. In addition, the membership of the card may change after the upgrade. If we use “forest settings” for characters, it would be wise to play a lot of “forest cards” to mine related rewards.

Early access roadmap:

Here we see inventory and some equipment.

The basic focus is “on completion”, but the developer wants to release in full Heart Fission: Four Fragments This fall. As always, the price of the full version will be higher.

More enemies, more cards, more NPCs and different commands will be integrated. The foundation is up to date, the game is absolutely playable and error-free, but more types of games are definitely welcome.

Whether it is on the Steam forum or on the official Discord channel, players are strongly recommended to provide feedback.

Trailer Cardaclysm


Heart Fission: Four Fragments You can already recommend genre fans. The basic game system can be learned quickly, but provides enough variety to kneel properly.

I look forward to future updates. More tasks should be integrated first, and then there is no good way to publish.

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