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Crusader Kings 3 strategy will be available on September 1 on PC




Are you ready to forge your medieval empire? If the answer is no, don't worry: you still have time to prepare. Paradox Interactive has announced that Crusader Kings III be available next September 1 on PC through Steam, for a price of 49.99 euros as detailed in the website of the company. In addition, the game will be accompanied by the purchase option Royal Edition (74.99 euros), which includes a whole series of extra content.

An heir is born

"Paradox Development Studio brings you the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games out there," reads the game's description. "Crusader Kings III is he heir to a long legacy of great historical strategy experiences and it comes with a ton of new ways to ensure the success of your royal home. "With a medieval setting, players will have to choose a royal or noble house between the different kingdoms: From Iceland to India, and from the Arctic Circle to Africa, the options span the globe.

Our role as ruler will be to guide our dynasty through time, as we strive to maintain power with each new generation. "Embody a godly king to have the religious powers on your side, or act on your own and design your own dissenting religion with which to gain fame or eternal damnation, "the study details."Knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimages, Viking invaders … Experience the drama and pomp of the Middle Ages. "

Crusader Kings III Image 1

"Experience the drama and pomp of the Middle Ages"

Between wars and conspiracies, we will have the opportunity to personalize our character with the traits that we want for our sovereign. "Violent characters can develop a fearsome reputation

that will make your fearful subjects cower and obey because of the fear you instill in them, "Paradox points out as an example." Adopt one of the five different lifestyles and hone your skills in military strategy or kingdom management. " than be careful when choosing our traits: If we do something that is contrary to it, our character will suffer the consequences.

While we wait for this turn-based strategy game to be available on September 1, we remind you that Crusader Kings II It is available for free on Steam. While the price of the third delivery will be 49.99 euros, we can also purchase the Royal Edition, which includes the following for 74.99 euros:

  • Main game
  • Garments of the Holy Roman Empire (bonus)
  • Expansion pass:

– Fashion of the abasida court (Available from 1)
– First pack flavor
– First major expansion
– Second package flavor


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