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People on the Internet know this all too well: no one will advertise you better than yourself. So, in parallel with the financial results of the 2019-2020 fiscal year unveiled this night by Capcom, a little tour of the titles that think the most in the game was essential.

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After having put the players' mouths in the water by promising a 2020-2021 year full of surprises from big outings, Capcom has played the autopromo card by updating the palmars of the series several times millionaires

, and despite the Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne extension, it is the series prey to all-out remakes which continues to shamelessly squat the top of the podium.

Take out the drums and click your best roll, since here are the best-selling series from the editor of Osaka :

  1. Resident Evil: 98 million units
  2. Monster Hunter: 63 million units
  3. Street Fighter: 44 million units
  4. Mega Man: 36 million units
  5. Devil May Cry: 22 million units
  6. Dead Rising: 13 million units

If your servant can not help raising an eyebrow questioning about the absence of the beloved Ace Attorney series, we will obviously expect to see him very soon on the front of the scene, since Capcom plans a record year 2020-2021, and therefore intends to rely on its juiciest licenses.

As for the film Monster Hunter …


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