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Disney + App: Reset password currently useless




Disney Plus currently has a serious security issue. Disney Plus currently has a serious security issue.

Disney + has been promoting the favor of viewers in Germany since March 24, 2020 and has made a smooth start from a technical point of view. However, a problem has caused frowning among users since the US launch in November 2019, which Disney apparently has not yet resolved until the release in Germany.

No force logout, no device manager?

Because Disney + does not have a so-called force logout. Specifically, this means: If you change your password, your account will remain logged in on all devices on which you have once logged in – even if you restart the associated app or specific device. You can change your password as often as you want – once you have logged in, you cannot get rid of it.

What are the consequences for account security? A non-existent force logout can quickly turn out to be a serious security problem. For example, if you log in to a friend's console, tablet or smart TV and then want to prevent the person in question from continuing to use your Disney + account.

The streaming competition is one step further: Both Netflix and Amazon Prime rely on the force logout feature and thus ensure security for users.

We have the whole thing by the way tried it yourself and can confirm the problem. After logging into the Disney + app on our Android smartphone, we changed our password on the desktop. Then we restarted both the smartphone and the app on it, but were able to continue using Disney + without logging in again. There was no password query.

Also annoying: Because Disney Plus no device managementr, users cannot get an overview of the devices on which their account was logged in at some point. In combination with the lack of force logout, this also has an adverse effect on the security of the account.

Account hack now weighs twice as heavy

The example of the Twitter user ca_ankursaxena shows how serious a lack of force logout can have on account security:

The user writes that someone has hacked his Disney + account and can still access it and view the content despite a password reset. Because Disney + allows simultaneous streaming on four different devices, the hacker blocks a slot in the case of ca_ankursaxena.

Disney has been on the problem so far not yet officially announced, although the first users on it attention already after the US launch in November 2019 to have. We can only advise you to pay special attention to your account data and to log out on third-party devices on a regular basis to avoid compromise or other undesirable consequences for your account.


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