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Disney +: Will the start in Germany be delayed?




Therefore, streaming services can only appear later

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Disney + will start operations in Germany tomorrow, but can the streaming service be postponed within a short period of time? Disney + later appeared in France and India, but there is another solution to Germany's crowded Internet.

Disney +: Will the streaming service come to Germany later?

Disney +: Will the streaming service come to Germany later? (Source: Disney +)

Disney + will open not only in Germany on March 24, but also in many other European countries. This also includes France, but the launch of streaming services has now been delayed. To this end, Disney hopes to do its part to keep the country's Internet connection stable and not to falter due to sudden increases in traffic. Disney + plans to start operations in France on April 7 two weeks later than originally planned. Also in India, Disney + is scheduled to begin operations on March 29, and the launch is postponed indefinitely.

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But what about Germany? Can we expect a short delay from Disney + to ensure Internet stability in this country? You can rest assured now that everything that currently looks like Disney + can start with us without any problems. However, Disney will initially provide streams similar to Netflix, Amazon or YouTube, and provide throttling bandwidth, further reducing the stream if the current isolation situation requires it. Therefore, users cannot assume 4K image quality, but they can still use Disney +.

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