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"Doom 64" in the test



We celebrate the premiere of Games-Mag. We are about to make the first review of the Google Stadia game. We also have a verification code Doom 64 Let's bounce back to the real shooting classic. But can the new version convince? We will find out.

Doom 64 The name was released by Nintendo 64 in 1997, so it is not a C64 version, but you may know it yourself. However, the predecessors of Doom have done it. That's why Doom 64 Somehow also achieved a small worship status. For Google Stadia, the price of this version is 4.99 euros. The pre-orders of "Eternal Destruction" also received the free Encore title.

Doom 64 After playing the "Doom 2" event, you have only one goal: to bring all monsters that meet you to the afterlife. And many are from this. Your last survivor's task is to clear the monster's Phobos and the earth demon's base. Sounds easy-it does. Following the old Doom style, you can run, run, and jump in the area, and collect a large number of weapons and items. Of course, you can also use a mandatory chain saw to cut the monster in half.

Is graphics Doom 64 It is exactly the same as the title on the Nintendo 64 console. Pixelated monsters, weird splash effects and 8-bit sound effects. But: Graphically display all content in 4k. Therefore, the pixelated surface looks much cooler than before. But that's why this game is so charming- Doom 64 Take us back to the beautiful old shooting era, this is still a game you can not give up easily. Thanks to Google Stadia, there is actually no load time at all, and the game runs smoothly and can be displayed on the screen at any time without any problems. A total of 32 levels are waiting for you and bring the classic shooter into 2020.

Doom 64 It's the leader in Doom 1 and Doom 2 and it's perfect for making your frustrations unimpeded. Therefore, if you have enough Corona quarantine area, please load weapons and shoot hordes of monsters. Collect various key cards, collect new records or use a chainsaw to go through the dark room and the laboratory to thunder. 4.99 Euros, you can do nothing. And we are very happy to turn a blind eye to today's strange graphics. In some places, it will be a bit confusing and you will lose your sense of direction. This happened to us several times, annoying us a little. But out of frustration, the next monster was shot down and everything was fine.

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