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Dreams: Unleash an incredible and realistic storm in the Media Molecule game




Dreams It allows players to shape everything they imagine. The new title of the parents of LittleBigPlanet, Molecule Media, offers a wide range of tools that provide users with all kinds of possibilities. The player BadRobo82 He is a big fan of this game, and after surprising us with a forest with realistic graphics, he wanted to make an incredible storm made with the resources of the PS4 exclusive. You can take a look below:

Dreams like it's the real world

In the video that we have left you on these lines, the creator BadRobo82 shows us how he has designed a storm in the Media Molecule game. It all starts with an elica turbine on a background of cloudy gray skies. The rubble begins to fall from the sky, while a tree in the background shakes its branches swaying in the wind. The explanation for this apocalyptic environment is found a little further to the left: a huge tornado

, as out of the story of the Wizard of Oz, threatens the player in the distance. The effect, without a doubt, is overwhelming.

BadRobo82, when he presented the photorealistic forest, has already pointed out that his intentions are not to capture "brushstrokes" of reality; Conversely, seeks to reflect graphic realism through his creations. In his previous project, everything was modeled and painted by the player within Dreams

, so we assume that the trees, skies, surroundings and that huge tornado of this new project also come from the hand of this artist.

Dreams, the new from the parents of LittleBigPlanet

In the beginning of May, the demo of the game debuted on the PlayStation Store, which offers users the first episodes of Art's dream – the game campaign created solely using the same tools that players will use – while also offering a list of community creations selected by Media Molecule. "The new stage of MediaMolecule's long journey begins, with which once again offer an incredibly ambitious creation tool whose possibilities never cease to amaze us, "we wrote in our analysis.


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