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During the lock-in period, Mystic Messenger ’s romantic lifestyle is better than my normal




There is almost nothing more comfortable than the notification ping on my phone. Whether it is a text from a family member or a discordant message from a friend, people in this world cannot gather together for coffee or dinner, this is the only way everyone can check each other. Of course, sometimes the notification is not a message, but other information. Sometimes, this is to notify you to check the game. But this provides comfort in its own way.

Mobile titles are often seen as an interference, something to play in the queue or work break. Developers usually try to incorporate classic game development concepts into their mobile games, but other developers will go further and use different aspects of smartphones to create unique experiences.

There are not many games better than this Mysterious messenger. The Otome title allows you to talk with boys (and girls) in real time within eleven days. This visual novel not only imitates the messenger service, but also imitates people's real life schedule. If you are interested in a specific person, you need to check Mystic Messenger at the right time and provide services for them.

There are other titles to try this degree. Mobile phone series lifeline It also uses the Messenger system and waits in real time, while the characters on the "other side of the screen" take action. However, the lifeline is not about making connections, but to save someone in a "choose your own adventure" style. Christine Love's visual novel Analogy: The Story of Hatred And its sequels Hate Both make you have to wait at least 12 hours between each day in the game, and staggered messages and conversations will make you look back.

However, no other game really has the kind of "life clip" that Mystic Messenger brings. When you are not talking to someone who is perfectly normal (provided that you are tempted and trapped in an apartment to plan a party), the role of Mystic Messenger is more real than Analogue and AI. The person you want to save in the "Lifeline". The relative sense of normality gives the game some unique appeal and extends to each character that needs to consider even stricter real-time routines.

Compared with many other visual novels, it makes Mystic Messenger feel more intimate. Contrary to playing the game only at one's own time, the messaging format and the time schedule must be adhered to. It does more to replicate actual human behavior than ordinary earphone titles. People usually work and sleep, not waiting for your response all day. Sister why

The adherence to real-time schedules and habits in Mystic Messenger is closer to our new real life normal. ProPrivacy's content editor Damien Mason told VG247: "Social isolation is forcing many of us to reach limits we didn't know before." Although this does make the regular social interactions we have felt previously surreal , But reliance on communication technology during the crisis made these fictional real-time text games more real. "

Talking and texting with Zen or Jumin and interacting with your friends and family in Mystic Messenger is actually the same, even if they are in the same town. It ’s a strange thing to answer a fictional character by talking to your mother, but it ’s also … surprising in your own way. Although Mystic Messenger may be a video game, you can play without being able to communicate with others.

But at least for now, there is another aspect that makes Mystic Messenger even more popular than real interactions. In the COVID-19 pandemic world full of fear and uncertainty, these characters do not exist. Whether we are aware of it, the sense of anxiety about COVID and not knowing what will happen next will affect all of our social interactions. News about the epidemic looms over us, and opinions, reports, and analysis scare us. In unprecedented global events, many people are losing their jobs and safety.

However, even for a moment, you can log in to Mystic Messenger and talk about their lives with these characters. They are not completely normal, but they are more normal than our current lives. No need to talk about how badly you try to find the nearest mask stockist or our government to handle everything, you can talk about weird secret party plans and do some behind-the-scenes work behind the scenes.

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