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E-bike specials: Kalkhoff ’s excellent hiking bikes are reduced by half



Kalkhoff includes Premium I8

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The date of Kalkhoff Include Premium I8 electric bike is 2017, but you may not care because it is far from the original price of 3,700 euros. Now you can buy it for 1,799 euros. does it worth?

Discount stores like Aldi or Lidl always have bargains for electric bikes. Usually there are electric bicycles provided by Prophete and Co., which is completely enough for one person or another to go to the supermarket. Such bicycles are already available at a price of around 1,000 Euros or even lower. If you can invest a little more, you will occasionally find "real" brand products at very low prices. The s ame is true in this case.

Kalkhoff Include Premium I8 was launched in 2017. Fahrrad XXL clearly still has some models in stock and will now be sold to people in "E-Bike Sales" If you do n’t always have the latest, then it ’s worth a closer look. The retail price of the retailer in 2017 was 3,699 euros. Fahrrad XXL now charges € 1,799 for Kalkhoff bicycles. This means that the quotation is not far from the Aldi price.

Kalkhoff includes Premium I8 on XXL bikes


2017 model-so what?

  • Gates' low-maintenance belt drive-no oil needed!

  • Shimano hub gear "Nexus" with 8 gears

  • Central engine

  • 612 watt-hour battery hidden in the frame

  • Shimano disc brake "M396"

  • Lockable SR Suntour suspension fork "NEX"

  • Suspension seat post

  • Equipped with LED lighting and luggage rack

Fahrrad XXL offers you 2017 models with Kalkhoff electric mountain bikes. Also in 2020, it is worth looking at well-equipped electric bicycles. We particularly like to keep maintenance work to a minimum through belt drives and hub gears. Of course, you can buy real brand bicycles at half the original price here.

»Quote to Fahrrad XXL

What you should usually consider when buying an electric bike or electric bike, we will summarize in the purchase recommendations on the subject and the accompanying video. We will introduce you to the advantages of electric bicycles in the linked article, especially during the corona period.

Purchase suggestion: Pedelec (Source: netzwelt)

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