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Sony had given us an appointment this Thursday, May 14 to discover what will undoubtedly be one of the last big cartridges for the PlayStation 4: the Japanese Ghost of Tsushima, who knew how to intoxicate us during his announcement on the occasion of the manufacturer's 2018 pr-E3 conference.

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The presentation of about twenty minutes commented by Jason Connell will first have been the opportunity to discover the importance of the wind in the new Sucker Punch game, since it will skillfully replace traditional location markers, just as birds or foxes can guide you to interesting (or hidden) points in the archipelago

. This first exploration will have made it possible to discover the use of an altogether conventional detection reticle, essential to hope to remain alive in territory occupied by the Mongols.

Nate Fox then took the hand to tell us about the combat system, which offers two main and opposite approaches : the frontal combat which requires a precise saber handling, the katana of our hero indeed allows him to deflect enemy arrows in addition to cutting their members; but also a more stealthy one, in which Jin turns into Ghost

, and use lots of items to scare or deceive opponents.

Personalization will be carried out in particular through the collection of flowers of different colors, which once harvested will allow you to change the color of your armor, and your mastery of ikebana will allow you to make pretty photos or videos, via a dedicated mode, which allows you to change the direction of the wind, or bring down a Japanese shower of petals of flowers.

Fans who want to vibrate will opt directly for Japanese voices, which will go even better with "samurah movie" mode in black and white, just to awaken in you the director who was ignored until then.

If this presentation of gameplay helped to sharpen your finest blade, you will count as our dear Rami the days that separate us from the release of Ghost of tsushima, now stalls at July 17, 2020, on PlayStation 4.


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