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Fallout 76 details its schedule of changes for this 2020




Fallout 76 is one of those games that at its launch fell somewhat short in content and overall quality, something that Bethesda has looked to gradually solve based on free updates that change the game and its mechanics and add new features. the most interesting. Notable among them is the latest update and one of the biggest the game has ever received, Wastelanders. Bethesda has detailed the future that awaits us after Wastelanders and what remains to come this 2020 to Fallout 76.

The official website of Bethesda offers us an updated calendar on the changes and news that the game will receive in 2020. All the news are detailed by Bethesda itself in the following explanatory image:

Fallout 76 details its schedule of changes for this 2020

The first novelty will come this summer, with the introduction of the seasons. Bethesda has given us many details about everything that will arrive this summer to Fallout 76.

Seasons in Fallout 76

From the official website they share a preview of the new seasons system, which will bring Fallout 76 a new account-wide progression method, improving on current challenges and helping you rack up tons of new rewards as you play. This is our version of a "season pass" style system designed specifically for Fallout 76, where everyone c an have a great time this summer, when the first season comes with update 20.

All players can participate in the summer season totally free as soon as update 20 is released. All players will have full access to a single unified progress path, so everyone will try to earn the same rewards during the current season.

With update 20, you'll find a new option in the main menu that will take you to a Fallout-inspired progress screen. During this first season, it will be a themed board game and you will start in the first square of the board, in rank 1 of a total of 100 ranks. By completing in-game activities, you will accumulate new S.C.O.R.E.points, thereby advancing your position and “going up in rank”. Every time you reach a new rank, you will unlock a new reward, such as an exclusive suit, an item for your CAMP, a weapon design or paint for power armor, consumables, bonus card packs, atoms and even in-game currency as vouchers , plates or gold bars.

Fallout 76 details its schedule of changes for this 2020

The seasons will represent a major change in the challenge system, but these will not disappear. In fact, The main way to increase the S.C.O.R.E. and rank will be completing daily and weekly challenges. Although the challenges will continue to exist, we want you to be able to complete them and win S.C.O.R.E. without changing your game routines. Modifications will be made to the daily and weekly challenges you receive, so that they are more direct and easier to complete than you are used to. The amount of them you receive daily and weekly will also be modified, to make it more predictable and consistent.

To get the rank rewards, you just have to go to the progress screen in the season and claim each one from the board. You will unlock aesthetic items, such as costumes or weapon designs, for all the characters on your account, and you can see them in the Atomic Shop. When you unlock consumables, such as repair kits or in-game badges, such as badges, they will only apply to one of your characters. Be sure to choose the one you want to receive before unlocking the consumable in question or the reward in the form of a currency on the season screen, since the ranges are linked to the account and their corresponding rewards cannot be obtained more than one time per season.

Fallout 76 details its schedule of changes for this 2020

In the early ranks, rewards can consist of items such as a player icon for the current season, a new cache design, or some legendary vouchers. As you accumulate S.C.O.R.E. and reach higher ranks, you will get better and better rewardssuch as power armor paints, gold bars and pretty aesthetic items or items for the C.A.M.P. There are also significant rewards for reaching certain ranges such as 25, 50, or 76, among others.

When you reach rank 100, you will unlock the "End of Season" bundle. In the first season, this bundle includes several exclusive Captain Cosmos-themed items, such as Jangles' Jug, the Moon Monkey; a planetary table lamp with visual and light effects; and even a framed version of the board game itself. Build or display these rewards at the C.A.M.P. to show off the collection before your visitors.

Bethesda justifies the changes

As you have read, the changes anticipated in Fallout 76 are very big. Not only those who will arrive throughout 2020, directly what we are going to see in the summer with the introduction of the seasons is a turn of the screw to the challenges and other ways to encourage players to enjoy the game. From Bethesda explain the reason for these changes, singing the mea culpa:

«The original challenge system has not turned out to be as interesting as we hoped. Some were complicated and almost all of them provided atoms. We wanted to review the challenges and rewards to create a new system that was more fun and flexible, and that offered more motivation when you connected. After several attempts, we believe that the system we have designed achieves those goals. It allows us to offer lots of rewards that players will unlock as they progress. It also provides a clear and affordable way to get it all, along with fun new themes every few months, while still giving players the flexibility to earn and spend atoms in the Atomic Shop as they see fit. », they comment on the web.

What's to come to Fallout 76 in 2020

Finally, from Bethesda point to what is to come -as we have seen in the image that heads the news- this 2020. Where apart from the summer update two more are prepared in autumn and winter.

Under our current Bethesda plans, we can expect to have about four seasons a year. Each will initially last about 10 weeks, and there will be a break of a few weeks between one season and another. So that it doesn't get boring, each season will have a unique theme and its own set of rewards. Something we already see in multiplayer titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends and more.

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▪ Release date: 11/14/2018


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