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Fallout 76 updated roadmap announced-including "season", "steel brotherhood" missions, etc.




By Cian Maher
Thursday, May 14, 2020, GMT

The "Fallout 76" update roadmap outlines the "season" plan, the new "Brotherhood of Steel" story arc, and more.

The new Fallout 76 update roadmap is intended to illustrate Bethesda's future plans for the game. In addition to the implementation of "Four Seasons" (which will be open to all players starting this summer), there will also be major adjustments in combat in the fall, and at the same time, a new year-long steel brotherhood storyline will be launched this winter. You can view some official works of the Fallout 76 update roadmap below.

Consequences 76 Roadmap

Season is the first feature that appears on the update roadmap. It is a new feature designed to replace the current Challenge system. They will be available to all players and set to implement a new progress system to unlock various items, including Power Armor paint, Atoms and Perk Pack.

Seasons will also introduce a new currency-challenge system to reward players with standard Atoms, and Seasons will provide them with S.C.O.R.E. Points can be used to promote seasonal development.

Consequences 76 Roadmap

According to the official press release, the following is the general structure of Fallout 76 Seasons:

  • Players will see a new option on the main menu that will take them to a unique seasonal progress screen with a radiation theme. In Season 1, this will be a board game with the theme of Captain Universe.
  • All players start from the first position on the board-ranked 1st out of 100. Moving forward on the board involves obtaining a new currency, S.C.O.R.E., which can be obtained through the improved Challenge system and other in-game activities.
  • The challenge will be less complicated and easier to complete, usually involving activities that players complete by playing Fallout 76 as normal.
  • Rewards are distributed at each level. The higher the reward, the more progress you will make and reach specific milestones (levels 25, 50, 76, etc.).
  • Players will You can choose to spend 150 atoms to skip the ranking The first two weeks of a season. After two weeks, players can spend Atoms to improve their rankings, with a view to providing catch-up opportunities for those who are late this season.
  • The season will last for 10 weeks, with a two-week break from the end of one season to the beginning of the next season.

Consequences 76 Roadmap

The first Fallout 76 Season will begin with the 20 patch this summer. It's also worth noting that Bethesda will provide Fallout 76 with a free weekend this weekend, during which players can try the game completely free of charge-as well as the new Wastelanders expansion.

Similarly, Fallout 76 is raising pets.

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