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FIFA 21, FUT: Week 1, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide



FIFA 21, FUT: Week 1, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide

Each week FIFA 21 FUT mode will give you a wide range of challenges to complete. Accessible on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, so you will all be affected by these challenges.

To help you out, here's our guide to the Week 1 Season 1 Weekly Challenges.

As a reminder, the weekly challenges are classified according to 3 ranks: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


New opus and new season! No major change in how the seasons work sure FIFA 21, the challenge system remains identical to the previous year. In this new season, players on loan will be up for grabs. Here, be careful not to use these players too early as some challenges will require you to use them. These are players with high scores, if you use all their loan contracts you will then have to pay a substantial amount to buy them … Season 1 ends on November 20, 2020.

If you reach level 30 (last level, ie 100,000 xp) you will be able to recruit a permanently boosted player. During this season, the Premier League with Lacazette (Arsenal), the Bundesliga with Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) and Ligue 1 with Juan Bernat (PSG) are in the spotlight.

The challenges of the Bronze tier

List of Bronze challenges:

  • 2 wins (473 XP): Win 2 matches in any FUT mode

For this challenge, you can choose to do it by playing your classic Rivals matches, or you can go to friendly matches so as not to lose a contract; or even Team Clash matches in beginner or amateur difficulty in order to win the matches for sure.

  • 3 goals (473 XP): Score 3 goals in any FUT mode

You should complete this carefree challenge along with the previous and following ones.

  • Play Team Battles (315 XP): Play a Team Battles match

No constraints in terms of difficulty, take the opportunity to advance on the first two challenges at the same time as this one!

  • Play Rivals (315 XP): Play a Rivals match

All you need to do is complete the match to complete the challenge, so make sure you don't leave the game until the final whistle blows. You will be able to complete the first two challenges at the same time as this one.

Experience bonus after completing all Bronze challenges : 200 XP

All Bronze challenges are achievable in just 2 matches. You can win your Team Battles and Rivals matches while scoring at least 3 goals in total from both matches.

The challenges of the Silver tier

List of Silver challenges:

  • Finesse Mystery balloon (630 XP): Win a match in Mystery Ball by scoring with a finesse shot

Victory is essential to complete this challenge, so be sure to finish the match in the lead! To shoot with finesse, press the R1 + keys  / RB + B. Try to shoot with finesse when you have a turbo shot, turbo speed or all turbo balloon (balloon with a pink trail). These balls will allow you to either perform a powerful strike, or easily outrun your opponents and find yourself alone in front of the goalkeeper and be able to place a fine strike easily.

  • Three times in finesse (788 XP): Score three goals in finesse

Here as for the previous challenge press the R1 + keys  / RB + B to achieve a finesse shot. You can complete this challenge in the s ame match as the previous challenge.

  • Mark four times (1,103 XP): Score in 4 separate matches

A challenge that shouldn't be difficult for you, but just take time. If you ever encounter scoring difficulties, meet in a mystery balloon, often favorable to goals, or in clashes between beginner or amateur teams. Victory is not necessary, you only have to end the match with at least 1 goal.

  • Decisive centering device (630 XP): Address a decisive cross in any FUT mode

In this challenge you have to score on a cross. Do not forget the centers flush with the ground by pressing twice  / X. Even on land, it is a center and it will be taken into account in the challenge. You can complete this challenge at the same time as the Mystery Balloon challenge to save time. In case of difficulty, go to team clashes difficulty beginner or amateur, the very lax defenses will allow you to score very easily on a center.

Experience bonus after completing all Silver challenges : 425 XP

In this silver tier, you can complete the challenge Finesse Mystery balloon and in this same match score Three times in finesse while at the same time achieving the challenge Decisive centering device. Nevertheless, the challenge Mark four times will require you to play a minimum of four matches, so you have a bit of leeway if you can't complete all 3 challenges in the same match.

The challenges of the Gold level

List of Gold challenges:

  • Rivals Shots (866 XP): Score a goal in Rivals with a player having at least 82 in SHOOTING.

This challenge shouldn't be too much of a problem for you, victory doesn't have to be. If you don't have a player with a SHOT rating of at least 82, you will be able to use the HAALAND loan card available in level 1 of the seasons rewards.

  • Double Win Rivals (1155 XP): Win 2 Rivals matches by at least 2 goals difference

If you have trouble completing this challenge then you may consider losing several matches in a row. This will lower your technical score and you will fall against theoretically weaker opponents, making it easier to win by 2 goals.

  • Finesse Rivals (866 XP): Score with a finesse shot in two Rivals matches with players having at least 82 SHOT.

This challenge can be completed at the same time as the first and with the same player. So be sure to try to score all your goals with finesse! Victory is, again, not compulsory.

  • Goals Team battles (630 XP): Score 3 goals in 3 Team Battles matches at minimum Pro level.
  • Finish (2310 XP): Score 2 goals in the same Rivals match with forwards

Choose here a 4-3-3 composition with 3 attackers, be careful to place in these positions players whose position indicated on their card is AT or BU, an MC / MOC / MDC / MG / MD placed in attack will not count. for this challenge (unless you have changed their position using a change of position card).

Experience bonus after completing all Gold challenges : 642 XP

The Gold level will require more concentration on your part, its difficulty is greater than the 2 previous ranks. Again, the difficulty is higher but the XP bonuses are definitely higher too! With the Gold level for a total of 6,469 experience points waiting for you!

This week, you will be able to pocket a total of 11,796 experience points after completing all the challenges.

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