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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a new mysterious floor in the Shinra building




The upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have a whole new dimension.

Final Fantasy 7 co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said in an interview on the official website of sqare Enix that the remake will use many new elements not found in the original-including a new floor in the game Shinra Building.

"I won't reveal exactly what it means, because I want people to like it when they actually play the game, but I will say (Final Fantasy 7 Remake) adds a new top layer to Shinra. Build orgasm, not Primitive orgasm. "

Producer Yoshinori Kitase added: "In the original game, there were a lot of interruptions in the game, the screen went black, and then the game continued at another location."

"In other words, there are many implied parts between the various parts of Midgar, but they have never been seen. This is a problem we hope to solve through renovation-filling all these gaps and showing the connection between the various parts of the city Way and make it a continuous experience. "

Hamaguchi also explained why the enthusiastic Red XIII does not play a playable role in the game. He said: "We think that because he only joined the team late, so let him be a playable ally with full character growth potential. Yes, the player is satisfied with the experience. Therefore, we decided to temporarily join him as a guest role.

"However, when looking at Red XIII as an important character, the development team felt like a fan. We designed his gameplay in a special way to counteract his feeling of being unplayable in battle."

According to Hamaguchi, the key to navigating in the new floor of the Shinra building is to use the unique capabilities of Red XIII to overcome its environmental barriers. He said: "Let the players experience their heroism in this way is something I am confident to please the fans."

"Final Fantasy 7 Remastered" will be released on PS4 on April 10. It's been a long time, but the waiting time for other platforms will be longer-although no other platform has been confirmed, we know that PlayStation exclusive rights only last for one year. Hopefully it will also be available on PC and Xbox One in due course.

Earlier this month, Square Enix confirmed that the remake of Final Fantasy 7 will not be delayed by the coronavirus. But some of you won't get a hard copy of the game on the first day.

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