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For the developer of SCORN, the important thing is not the SSD




After a silence of several years, the very unhealthy SCORN returned to haunt a little sensitive players with his disgusting aesthetic during the last Inside Xbox. The developers of the Ebb Studio game are also out.

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Ljubomir Peklar, director of SCORN, gave this week an MSPowerUser interview, in which he addressed, among other things, the expectations generated by an Inside Xbox that many have described. For him, it is true, there was a little too much hype – what Aaron Greenberg, chief marketing officer of Xbox himself had recognized:

Microsoft has a message problem. People were expecting multi-million dollar budget AAA productions that would show Next-Gen graphics and, most importantly, gameplay demos.

This obviously does not prevent having appreciated certain announcements, of course. Including that of SCORN, on which he stretches. In particular on the fact that it changes generation of consoles.

We don't want it anymore because we want our game to be played at 60 frames per second. It would have been almost impossible without huge sacrifices. The next generation of consoles will allow more responsiveness, fluidity and waste much less time. The problem with these features is that they are very difficult to sell in video or images.

And where we've heard a lot about the importance of SSD storage for games in recent weeks, the Serbian insists on something else:

Everyone is presenting the SSD as the next big step and, yes, the SSDs will normally help with loading and moving assets. But the real "culprit" of this generation, the one who poses the most problems is the CPU. This is where the biggest difference will come from the current generation.

A difference that we can't wait to feel controller in hand. The main processor will be, on PS5 as on Xbox Series X, planned for this end of the year, an AMD Zen 2 8 cores, cadence 3.4 Ghz at Sony and 3.8 GHz at Microsoft.



I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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