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Fortnite Season 2 Henchmen Guide: How to Open the Door and Cabinet of an ID Scanner and Find the Key Card




advanced Fortnite season 2 He is a militant boss and an agent boss. The behavior of these NPCs on the map is similar to the first-tier soldiers we saw during the Star Wars cross-border incident in The Last Skywalker. They also brought new ID scanner locks door and chest mechanic Play games with them.

Unlike First Tier, however, militants and leaders are associated with the mysterious "Shadow" and "Ghost" organizations that have invaded new locations on the Fortnite map.

After entering these locations, you can fight new enemies and get unique rewards.

Where to find a guy in Fortnite

You can find "Henchmen" in all the new attractions on the Fortnite map. these are:

  • shark
  • Agent
  • grotto
  • Rig
  • yacht

Militants have a small amount of shields and about 100 health. When they fall, you will be able to vibrate, which will provide you with a scanner that points at nearby enemies and boxes.

Once they are knocked down, you can also take them with you. When they are in this state, it will do more damage to them, giving them loot.

How to Open ID Scanner Doors and Cabinets in Fortnite-Phone Booth

In addition to gang members, there is a new mechanism in the foundation of the organization: ID Scanner locks doors and boxes. Normally, when you get to these locations, you can choose to "scan yourself", but they won't open.

To open the ID scanner's locked door in Fortnite, you need to knock down the guards and follow the prompts to "carry" them. Now go to the locked door of the ID scanner and scan them instead of yourself. Now it will open!

You can also find red phone booths around new areas that disguise you as ghosts or shadow spies. Using these functions can also turn on the ID scanner.

Where to Find the Agent Boss and Get the Key Card to Open the Vault in Fortnite –

Agents or bosses seem to be particularly tough partners, and they not only suffer more damage, they also bring you unique rewards. They can be found in different places around the map. After defeating a person, you will get their special weapon and a key card to open the vault in the area. For example, "Shark" has a "Shark" key card, and "Cave" has a "Cave" key card.

Once you have these, if you equip a key card from your inventory, the hidden vault to be opened will be marked on the screen (filled with excellent loot).

The easiest way to track these leaders is to knock down an ordinary party leader and shake them. Agent locations will be marked with a red crown.

We have found all of them so far!

Brutus-Grotto Key Card-Location: Grotto

At the eastern end of the map, you will find Brutus on the second floor of The Grotto. Jump or slide down the silo to find him! Downing Brutus gives you a unique weapon: Brutus' Minigun-legendary rarity.

You'll also get a Grotto key card that opens all doors in the area, as well as a hidden vault with lots of loot!

Midas-Agent Key Card-Location: Agent

We found Midas hanging around the stairs on the east side of the agency building.

When he falls, he drops the Golden Drum Gun from Midas and moves the vault to the northwest side of the building on the ground floor.

Skye-Shark Key Card-Location: Shark

We hope that Skye can drop Skye's assault rifle and Skye's gripper, not just the shark key card. She is located underground in the center of the Shark District, and you can see these rooms from the entrance to the shark-shaped rock formation.

Meowscles-Yacht Key Card-Location: Yacht

Meowscles was found in his own room near the top of the yacht. Landed on the top deck and there shouldn't be much trouble finding him. When knocked down, Meowscles dropped his Peow Peow rifle and the Yacht Keycard.

Equip the yacht key card to find the vault on the bottom deck.

TnTina-Rig Key Card-Location: Rig

You can find TnTina and Rig Keycard in front of the northwest pillar of The Rig. The building in front of her was marked with 3.

For more information on what's new in Fortnite Season 2, check out new looks like Meowscles and Maya here.

Similarly, you can see the new Season 2 map changes and new points of interest here.


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