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From now on Steam will remind you of games that you have already forgotten




Lost your game overview? A new steam feature helps. Lost your game overview? A new steam feature helps.

Do you remember when Steam was new? Back then, no one had much more games in their library than Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike. In the meantime, at least for passionate players, the library is bursting at the seams and occasionally you even forget what you bought.

From now on, forgetting should become more difficult. A new feature since the update of May 14, 2020 ensures that neglected game titles are displayed on your library shelf.

My next favorite on Steam

The feature will seem familiar to some, because under the name Experiment 008, Steam users could already try out the new system a bit in the Steam Labs. The response was obviously positive, because the feature is now an integral part of your library and is called "My next favorite".

This is what my next favorite looks like in your library on Steam. What is first for you? This is what my next favorite looks like in your library on Steam. What is first for you?

Here's how it works:

Basically, "My next favorite" uses the same algorithm as the regular game recommendations that you get from the discovery list. However, the new system is limited to titles that you already own. The system evaluates the following factors:

  • Which games do you own and which ones did other players like?
  • It also takes into account how much time other players have spent in these games.
  • Then the algorithm compares how many hours you spent there.
  • If you have played a game a lot but have not paid attention to it for a long time, it can also be recommended.

So the system asks itself: »Wait! Why doesn't he or she play this game even though others with the same taste have spent hundreds of hours in it? «And then spits out the respective title as the next favorite. This way you will also become aware of titles that you have already forgotten, that you have not been able to complete and that are stressing your Pile of Shame.

Incidentally, Crusader King 2 is right at the top when it comes to the author of this report. Amazingly, a title that I really wanted to tackle more intensively in the near future. So the algorithm seems to know me well. I may also wait for Crusader Kings 3 to come out. There's a lot in there, as you can read in our big plus preview of Crusader Kings 3.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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