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Gerald's Last Play adds six new missions to GTA Online



Gerald's Last Play adds six new missions to GTA Online

Rockstar has added a larger than usual update to Grand Theft Auto Online. Thus, in addition to the usual discounts and the vehicle on the casino podium, GTA receives Gerald’s Last Play, which adds six completely new contact missions where players will work with Gerald to win big in their criminal careers.

Gerald’s Last Play

As Rockstar explains, the missions of Gerald’s Last Play They include a quick style of play seen in Madrazo's Assassination Contact Missions and Premium Deluxe Seizure Missions. Further, can be played in any order and solo or cooperatively for up to four players. Rockstar has also provided a brief description of each mission, which you can read below:


This slaughterhouse is not what it seems: Gerald's longtime rivals have been using it to store product before selling it on the street. We will have to face the rival gang members who protect the facility and steal the recipe. It will not be an easy task, since we must know how to open safes.

Snow figures

A cunning rival smuggler has begun storing cocaine inside action figures, and Gerald has learned that he has not conducted his transactions with due discretion. Users will have to locate the van and retrieve the delivered figures. Of course, along the way certain problems will appear that we must solve.

Quick cheating

The bikers are trying to get their noses into Gerald's business and they are giving him unfair competition everywhere. At Gerald's request, we will have to teach them a lesson so they know who is in command in Los Santos and what better way than by stealing their business supplies.

Put it on

A sale has gone wrong, so we will have to find the missing product that Gerald controls using a locator. It is possible that the rival gangs are also aware, so we will have to do the impossible to get the goods and, of course, without being caught by the police.

Bad companies

Gerald has had enough of the head of a rival gang and is about to finish him off, but first he must find him. Our mission is to force the leader of the rival gang to expose himself and kill him and his unit.

Final product

Gerald wants to liquidate all of his merchandise in a lucrative sale to a local buyer. We must ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Weekly update

In addition to Gerald’s Play, weekly update of GTA Online It also adds discounts and, of course, renews the vehicle that can be obtained on the casino podium.. As for discounts, Rockstar has decided to discount "To Those Who Split Cod: Modern Executives".

For that reason, the partners and escorts we hire as CEOs will receive triple the salary for dealing with our rivals. In the same way, VIP jobs and challenges will also give you double money.

If we prefer to put violence aside, now is a good time. The Serie Open Wheel Racing have this week with the triple reward. These are the races inspired by Formula 1, in which we will have to make pit stops to change the tire set or repair the car.

Karin Sultan Classic is the casino podium car this week

If ours are more rallies We won't have any special races, but the Diamond Casino podium vehicle bears our name. This week we can get the Karin Sultan Classic, inspired by Colin McRae's Subaru Impreza. It can currently be purchased at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $ 1,718,000, although it can be obtained for $ 1,288,500 after completing the Diamond Casino heist as a leader and using the Sultan Classic as an escape vehicle. In any case, getting the car from the casino is not difficult.

Finally, on the official website you can check the full list of discounts. If you prefer to get to the point, these are the highlights of the GTA Online update:

  • Double money and experience on all 6 Gerald’s Last Play contact missions, all additional contact missions on GTA Online, and on all VIP jobs and challenges
  • Triple the money and experience in Open Wheel Races
  • Triple salaries for all partners and bodyguards
  • A personalized Karin Sultan Classic is the new top prize of Roulette of Fortune
  • Office and Property Discounts: 50% discount on executive offices, large specialty cargo warehouses, office garages, and personal office garage workshops; 60% discount on executive office customizations and office garage customizations
  • Vehicle discounts: 25% discount on the Ocelot R88 and 70% discount on the Karin Kuruma Armored
  • Twitch Prime Advantages: 80% discount on Buckingham Luxor and Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

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