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Ghost Celebrating Samurai Cinema on Black and White Mode




Through Sherif Saed,
Friday, May 15, 2020, GMT

You can use the blackpool filter to play the ghost of the horse.

It's very clear to people who have seen it The ghost of the horseDeveloper Sucker Punch's early movie trailers draw a lot of clues from the Samurai Cinema, and there is no doubt that it includes the works of legendary film producer Kurosawa Kurosawa.

To pay tribute to the work that inspired "The Ghost of the Horse", the developers created a mode that turned each scene into a scene that could have been used in Yojimbo or The 47 Ronin. The Samurai Cinema is essentially a filter that adds film grain to the image and completely changes it to black and white. You can even discover the visual handicrafts common in movies of the era.

Just like the Japanese audio track, Samurai Cinema can be opened from the beginning, and the combination of the two can bring the ultimate entertainment to these classic works in a playable form.

In case you missed it, Sucker Punch also provided us with a good perspective on combat, and how wind and animals guide players to points of interest on the map without signposts.

And, do n’t forget to involve a very complex photo mode, which can create more images than static images.

The ghost of the horse will be launched on PS4 on July 17.

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