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Ghost of Tsushima reveals its home screen on PS4




The development of Ghost of Tsushima It is going from strength to strength and a good example of this, that symptoms of the nearness of its launch are already beginning to be seen. PS4. If a few moments ago we told you that Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, believed that Ghost of Tsushima will be the GOTY of 2020, now we come to tell you that Title Home Screen Revealed.

It has been the Australian YouTuber Dan Allen who has shown the Ghost of Tsushima opening screen with permission Suker Punch Productions through a photo uploaded to your account Twitter

in which he presents himself next to a television in which the aforementioned main screen of the game is seen. Thus, we have been able to verify that Ghost of Tsushima will start with an art that will evoke the desolation of the battle of the Japanese island and that will invite us to get fully involved in the liberation of its inhabitants.

Of course, the fact that this image has been shown does not mean that the Ghost of Tsushima home screen will definitely be like this, since there is still a long way to go before the title goes on sale for the console of Sony and the team of Sucker Punch Productions I could decide to change it by then. Of course, observing the art that it shows, it is quite reasonable that the developer chooses it when starting the adventure since it transmits the atmosphere expected in the game well. An atmosphere that has made Ghost of Tsushima quickly become one of the most anticipated games of the year for both PS4 users and fans of feudal Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima

For now we will have to keep waiting until July 17 to see with our own eyes the initial screen of Ghost of Tsushima since it will not be until then that it is put on sale for Playstation 4 the title developed by Sucker Punch, coming to the console with a reversible cover. In the meantime, we remind you that in him we will travel until 1274 to incarnate Jin Sakai, the last samurai survivor of the invasion of the island that gives its name to the game by the Mongolian army. We will have to master the arts of infiltration and katana fighting to fight the invaders and free the Japanese people from the enemy yoke.


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