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Ghost of Tsushima’s big inspiration has been Red Dead Redemption




There is no open world game on the planet that has not taken Rockstar titles as a reference. So it is no wonder that the next Sucker Punch game, Ghost of Tsushima was inspired greatly. one of the best stories brought by the creative studio of Red Dead Redemption.

During an interview for Gaming BibleGhost of Tsushima director Nate Fox said Red Dead Redemption, the first, it was his first and most important inspiration, especially because of how well the company projects the atmosphere of its surroundings, the feeling of being an outlaw in the Old West.

Nate Fox: I would say my number one inspiration for this title was Red Dead Redemption (the first title), because they did a fantastic job of making a cowboy out of the law come true.

And of course, the director has named another one of his inspirations for certain sections of the open world, such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just by looking at the gameplay presented a few weeks ago, you can see proof of it, such as the island of Tsushima oozes a connection and immersion with the elements of the game.

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