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Great-grandmother of the inventor of Doom becomes a virtual gangster boss




The latest project by Doom inventor John Romero is Empire of Sin – a mixture of X-Com and Mafia. Here you found a criminal empire in Chicago in the 1920s with the help of characters such as John Romero's real great-grandmother.

In keeping with Mother's Day on May 10, 2020, the developer studio announced that you will meet Elvira Duarte in the game and for your own gangster empire can recruit.

Based on reality

The lady appears not only in the game because she is an ancestor of the Romeros, but also because she is fits very well into the setting

. Because she actually lived in the 1920s and was connected to organized crime.

So she directed three brothels for over 20 years in Mexico that were disguised as legitimate businesses. In the 1950s, she left the business by selling her businesses as night clubs and retiring. She used the proceeds to build a chapel in her hometown and to provide for her descendants.

Duarte's ability: In Empire of Sin, Ms. Duarte has a special skill called "Devil's Breath". With a purple smoke, she takes over enemies who fight by your side for three rounds before they die. This is also not a pure fiction, but is based on the drug Scopolamine. Those who inhale this substance should lose their free will and become very receptive to suggestions.

Badass grandmothers in video games

Elvira Duarte is not the first older woman to do that occurs in a video game. The Youtuber known as "Skyrim-Grandma" has already been immortalized with a mod in The Elder Scrolls 5 and is also said to appear officially in The Elder Scrolls 6.

You can also watch the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion go into battle as a pensioner. The former contract killer Helen, who the developer Ubisoft introduced in an early gameplay video, is particularly well known.


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