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GTA Online: promotions and bonuses of the week



Just in time for the weekend, there are new promotions, bonuses and discounts in GTA Online, the multiplayer branch of Grand Theft Auto 5. Today under the motto: Gerald's Last Play.

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"Gerald's Last Play" is now available in GTA Online. Gerald needs help – in six brand new contact missions, you should make sure Gerald's drug trafficking and his other criminal businesses in Los Santos run smoothly by fighting rival gangs and staying one step ahead of the law. In addition, you will receive double payments – also in all other contact missions.


There are rumors and signs that the Los Santos black market is facing a serious lull. Gerald and the families have met with unwelcome resistance from rival gangs. And like every aspiring entrepreneur, Gerald is now planning his exit strategy. Help Gerald clean up by making sure his drug trafficking and other criminal businesses in Los Santos go smoothly in these brand new contact missions. Fights rival gangs and always stays one step ahead of the law.

Get double GTA $ and RP on these contact missions from April 23-29 (and for all other missions from the infamous collection of individuals in your contact list). Keep an eye on your iFruit so you don't miss a message from your client and start today with six brand new missions. You can either do it alone or with up to three reliable employees.

About the sausage

This slaughterhouse doesn't seem what it looks like – Gerald's longtime rivals use it to make their stuff, which they then embroider on the street. Take care of the rival gang members who guard the building and grab your "recipe". It won't be easy, however, as skills as vault crackers are also required.

Good figure

A clever rival dealer has recently been hiding cocaine in action figures and Gerald has received a tip that he is not necessarily reluctant to do business. Grab the van and find the delivered figures … and prepare yourself for everything.

Fast trade

Bikers try to push Gerald out of business and undercut him on every corner. Help Gerald make a clear statement by stealing supplies from their well-known companies.

Dealer hunt

A deal went wrong and the players have to locate the lost material that Gerald provided with a transmitter. Rival gangs also know about it and so it is up to the players to find the goods and keep the cops at bay.

Bad company

Gerald has had enough of an enemy gang boss and wants to take him out – but he has to track him down first. To lure the enemy leader out of hiding, you must first take out his crew.

End product

Gerald wants to sell all of his goods on a big deal with a local buyer. Ensures that the business goes smoothly.

Bonuses for open wheel races & contact missions, discounts on offices and more

Business criminals have a bad reputation nowadays and are the constant target of the rude underclass. It is therefore worthwhile to have armed comrades at your side: employees and bodyguards take care of the rabble and earn triple salaries. This is called the trickle-down effect in the corporate sector. There are also double rewards for VIP orders and challenges.

Double rewards: All contact missions

Regardless of whether you help Gerald with his new attempt to gain financial security or if you ask one of the other illustrious contacts on your phone for an order – all contact missions will give you double GTA $ & RP this week.

Triple rewards: open wheel racing

An off-site meeting including a visit to the racetrack is the epitome of class and privilege. Especially in the open wheel series with top speeds, extreme risks and high profits, which even tripled by April 29.

As soon as you've put enough honey around the other high rollers at the blackjack table, you should stumble into the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Resort to spin the wheel of fortune and win GTA $, RP, clothing and accessories. The main prize of the week is the holy grail of street racing: a tuned Karin Sultan Classic in the brand's own “Karin Performance” design.


Working as a leader is a full-time job. It's not just about reading emails; some even have to be answered. And just stop with all the status symbols you need to keep from the other “Chief Officers”.

Fortunately, there are a number of offers and discounts this week aimed specifically at the upper-class ego slumbering in all of us. On the one hand, vehicles like the supple, cat-like Ocelot R88 (25% discount) or the almost indestructible armored Karin Kuruma (70% discount) await you.

  • 25% discount on the Ocelot R88
  • 70% discount on the armored Karin Kuruma

Executive offices & real estate

On the other hand, there are discounts on offices, warehouses, garages and the associated equipment.

Below is a complete overview so you can start diversifying your portfolio until the doctor comes.

50% discount on executive offices:

  • Maze Bank West
  • Arcadius business center
  • Lombank West
  • Maze Bank Tower

60% discount on office adjustments:

  • decor
  • Name change of the organization
  • safe
  • Gun cabinet
  • Private rooms

50% discount on company garages & tuning workshops

50% discount on large special cargo warehouses:

  • Furniture wholesale warehouse
  • West Vinewood back yard
  • Xero gas factory
  • Logistics depot
  • Bilgeco warehouse
  • Walker & Sons warehouse
  • Cypress warehouses
  • Darnell Bros warehouse

60% discount on adjustments for company garages:

  • Interior equipment
  • lighting
  • Signage

Twitch Prime discounts

GTA online players who link their Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Social Club will receive an 80% discount on the Buckingham Luxor and Buckingham Luxor Deluxe. Log in to Twitch Prime to access future benefits.

GTA Online – Open Wheel Racing Trailer

In GTA Online, the future of competitive motorsport has begun with the open wheel races.

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