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Half-Life: Alyx-How to Optimize Games for Streaming and Watching




Half-Life: Alyx is one of the most anticipated games of 2020, but its unique nature of VR makes it more challenging than most games.

This is real Half-Life: Alyx, And other VR games, of course, but Valve has some ways to solve this problem. To help make watching Alyx streams more fun, developers have released some guidelines for streaming to help them create a smooth, jitter-free experience for viewers.

That's why Half-Life: Alyx has a customizable audience mode, which is designed to give you control over how games transform VR visuals into flat 2D screens.

Spectator Mode Eye Settings

The first thing you need to decide is Audience perspective. You can choose left eye or right eye for this. Valve recommends that you choose the eye you want to aim down. So if you tend to close your left eye when aiming at your target, choose your right eye.

Onlooker mode smooth setting

In the same menu, you can also choose to turn smoothing on or off. That setting Eliminate jitter This is the result of fast turns in the game. Once turned on, you can start from Low, medium or high. Of course, this only applies to the viewer view.

This effect is applied in real time and has a small impact on performance.

Audience mode HUD settings

HUD is another element that may not always be shown to the audience. This option allows you to turn certain HUD elements on / off specifically for the audience view. By default, the HUD displays health, ammunition, resin counts, and any items you carry.

But you can turn off the HUD completely, or you can control the size of the HUD by: Small, medium and largee.

In addition to the simple settings outlined above, Alyx offers deeper customization through advanced menus. These options can be found in the game's development console, which can be called up by pressing the tilde (~). But before you do this, you need to add "-Console-vconsoleEnter the game's publishing properties on Steam.

By enabling the console, you will get the following.

Comprehensive in-camera smoothing

This is a more aggressive form of smoothing designed to give a more cinematic look. It can smooth all three rotation axes, but the disadvantage is Apply your own opinion And the audience ’s perspective.

To enable this feature, open the console (~) and type the following command:

  • vr_camera_decay_roll_halflife 0.5.
  • vr_camera_decay_yaw_pitch_halflife 0.09.

These values ​​can be adjusted further, with numbers representing seconds. For example, your camera takes 0.5 seconds to get "the distance between the currently displayed amount of camera film and the actual head position." In other words, the higher this value, the smaller the smaller rotations will be eliminated and the more hysteresis will be added.

You can disable these two functions by typing "vr_camera_decay_roll_halflife 0" and "vr_camera_decay_yaw_pitch_halflife 0".

Advanced audience mode HUD settings

Similarly, the viewer HUD can make further adjustments from its default options. You can bring up the console and enter "hlvr_spectator_hud_size 100"To change the size of the viewer ’s HUD. You can move it between 50 and 150, or delete it completely between 0 and 0. Remember, this is only visible to the viewer.


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