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How long would it take you to do a marathon of the entire One Piece?




The coronavirus crisis has also wreaked havoc on anime production that many have had to temporarily suspend its broadcast. Even the longest running anime series in history has been delayed for the first time in 45 years. Others follow like One Piece that already accumulates 929 episodes and they are currently telling the story of Wano Country. There are plenty of reasons to watch One Piece despite its length, but how long would it take do a marathon of the entire series? It only takes a quick calculation and a lot of caffeine to watch the series from the first episode to the present day.

In this sense, a marathon is understood as the viewing of series or movies without rest or interruptions. So a Twitter user He asked himself the same question and did the calculations. «One Piece has 929 episodes and each episode lasts approximately 22-24 minutes» explained. So he took the number of episodes and multiplied it by 20 (24 minutes – 4 minutes of opening and ending), resulting in 18,580 minutes or what is the same 309 hours. Therefore, he concluded that it takes 12 days to see the entire series without sleeping or working, of course. Maybe you never thought about it, but now you really know how long it takes to see the anime created by Eiichiro Oda.

Luffy missed
Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece

The One Piece anime broadcast started in October 1999, but you can catch up in 12 days with enough sacrifice or a good vacation. If you are thinking of doing a series marathon, even if it is more relaxed, now is the right time. One Piece is going to have more delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. Take advantage and catch up!

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