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iPhone distance: users must not repair Apple devices for a long time




Completed orders will not be sent home

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Apple has closed stores in many countries, including Germany, due to the corona virus. What happens to the repair equipment ready to be collected? Apple support now provides a shocking answer.

The Apple homepage says: "When the store opens again, you can pick up the device." However, it is not clear when the store will open again. Nationally, due to the effects of the corona virus, the retail industry may not be closed until at least April 19. Anyone who has not received a notification from the store that their device is ready for collection may have to wait longer. Because it is clear that maintenance work for the Genius Bar is currently suspended.

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After all, Apple is very customer-friendly in other ways. This way, users can return their most recently purchased device up to 14 days after the store is back in business. If you ordered your product online and want to ship it to a nearby Apple store, you can now also ship the goods to your home. Apple says that orders that have been sent to the Apple Store must first be cancelled and then reordered.

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